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Haikyo Inspirations - Michael Gakuran


Another great source of inspiration for haikyo exploration is Michael Gakuran. Like Jordy Meow, he has an eye for beautiful imagery and an extensive library of covered haikyo. A Japan veteran, he is a source for much wisdom about living and working here. Furthermore, he has a rich and lively writing style. Reading his exploration stories combined with the dazzling pictures is almost as exciting as being there.

In research for this post, I was able to find him. We met at Shimbashi and had a coffe. A boy scout by heart, Michael eyes sparkled while I listened to his amazing adventures stories.

To get a taste of Michael Gakuran, read his fascinating account of the Red Villa here. The house is a famous 'myth' among haikyo fans in Japan. The Red Villa is filled with items from long-gone times, including a secret room filled with pre-war pornography.

Michael has a way of writing about his explorations that make videos unnecessary. Super exciting, simply put. Well, in the case of the Red Villa there will never be a video - I was planning to go there but found out the shocking news: It seems that shortly after he wrote his report, to my great dismay, that place was bought and demolished. It is gone.

I do hope that whoever did it has kept the items that were on display inside. On the antique markets around Japan, great things keep showing up. I guess most people who love antiques feel that they want to protect something from fading away too fast. Well, I hope somebody did that with the things from this villa. Either way, I am happy Michael wrote this wonderful exploration report. 

The Red Villa, hidden in a bamboo forest, holding many secrets

 Nude pictures found by Gakuranman in one of the rooms in the famous Red Villa.

Nude pictures found by Gakuranman in one of the rooms in the famous Red Villa.