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Haikyo - The Last Strike


A very special haikyo exploration with my brother. After it was abandoned, this bowling alley / pachinko parlor / game center has been heavily frequented and unusually vandalized. Check out the video below and you'll be as mesmerised as we were - what a place!

The video captured many aspects, but of course not all. It was amazing to see what pachinko parlours looks 'behind the scenes'. For those not living in Japan: Pachinko is a Japanese addictive console game that is something between one-armed-bandit games and vertical pinball machine because it has little metal balls. Well addictive to Japanese people, I have never seen a foreigner in there and too me this places look like hell from outside, bright, noisy, filled with empty souls killing time without emotions. Anyway, what I did not know before this haikyo is that backstage there huge tanks the size large phone boxes filled with these balls. Through tunnel and bridge systems they are connected with each machines to refill them with balls. We could not get a good shot as it was too dark backstage. 

Hope you enjoy the video! The handsome man smoking is also the producer of the music in the video. Music credits to soundcloud.com/klasma