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A Hobby called 'Haikyo'

"To me it is the exploration of the abandoned and the rusted-out Carcasses of things long gone. There is a unique feeling of excitement, sadness and consolidation in the experience. On one hand, it’s doom and gloom, broken dreams, childhood memories of strangers. But also the profound beauty of nature reclaim man’s sphere - the blurring of the artificial dividing line of what man thought to be his world and the world of Gaia. Or maybe a forecast on the result of his battle against nature that started around 10.000 BC when he started building structures, some of which he believed to be eternal. The beauty of Haikyo is an artistic play on these apocalyptic sentiments. It consoles my heart that after we expire, the planet will incorporate our remains into something beautiful. Gaia will create a beautiful world - just without us. "

Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is a hobby that can be found all over the world, especially in industrialised societies. People do it because they find profound beauty in experiencing the transience of man-made things.


Haikyo is the Japanese word for ruins. The hobby is the Japanese version of Urban Exploration. Japan has a large number of abandoned structures for various reasons. On one hand, there are tax regulations that make it dearer to hold unsued land, on the other hand there is supsertious sentiments towards property of the deceased or touching failed busssines. 


Japanese Haikyo are usually in great condition, because people do not take things away, they do not vandalize and they respect the property. There are many secret Haikyo for that reason, to protect them from being plundered and vandalized.